Old vs. New Comparison

For the last 100 years, outdoor shooting ranges worldwide have used wood, staples, cardboard, paper and glue to construct their ranges and make targets. This creates the potential for unsafe shrapnel. In addition, targets and frames created the OLD WAY are difficult and untimely to repair and remove.

Our target systems are made of a proprietary blend of plastics and are designed to last 20 to 30 times longer than the old technology.  Unlike all current systems, our product is “all weather proof” withstanding temperatures over 150° and below zero.  It can be shot on in the rain and heat, and our patent pending frame responds very well to high winds.

Click the tabs above to compare the OLD vs. the NEW PIERCE Bullet Seal™ technology.

Labor intensive
Screws-nails-staples-metal plates
Splinters- shrapnel
Weakness from knots, causes breakage in the wind
Power tools (skill and table saws -drills-staple guns ect)
Air compressor-Air tools
Cannot stand up to all weather elements (high winds-rain-ect)
Wood frame has to be disposed of (trashed)
Non Environmental

Bullet Seal™ Target System
No Labor
Assembly takes less than a minute
Patent Pending blend of plastics
Light weight
Can withstand hundreds and even thousands more rounds
Withstands all weather elements (Wind-Rain-Heat)
No warpage
Stored in small storage areas
Portable to travel in any Vehicle
Universal frame to adapt to any target
NO Splinters
NO Shrapnel
NO Tools
Environmental safe
Recyclable (Green Product)
Recyclable Program
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Ben Avery Shooting Facility is Going Green

One of the largest shooting complexes in the world began their efforts in becoming a "Green Facility" by replacing their 1000 yard number boards with the Pierce Bullet Seal System.

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